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Welcome To Find A Mentor is a web matching service for mentors and mentees, promoting continuing education utilizing the natural human process of mentoring.

If you are a mentor, please join and share your knowledge and experience with someone who needs it. It’s a method of tithing or a way to give back. We are looking for one million mentors.

If you are a mentee, you can join and search for a mentor in a field of interest or passion.

This is an ADULT only site. If you are a minor, you must have a guardian to represent you here if you want to join.

We think a fair time commitment for mentoring is 4-12 conversations per year, on the phone, in person or through emails. Check ‘What is a mentor” under “Mentee and Mentor Tools and Tips” for more details on the mentoring process.

We see mentoring as a free guidance relationship that helps those who do not have the expanded network or funds to seek continuing education.

Some knowledge cannot be gained in a classroom. Mentoring is natural and healthy. Real life experience , emotions and intellect get shared. Emotional knowledge is best learned in a mentoring environment. Mentors can help others avoid costly mistakes and gain whole-life knowledge. Be a mentor in what you’re good at and passionate about. There are 1400 categories to choose from here.

If you want to charge for guidance services we see the process as coaching and more intense. Simply put, “mentoring is free; coaching is done for a fee”.

When you join, you can search the database and find a mentor or mentee to communicate with. You’ll find a new friend with a passion in common. You’ll both learn. Make it fun. Have a great day.

Thank you for being here and we hope you join to help build a community of people committed to learning, sharing and growth.

Michael ,